Market Trends: Past 90 Days in the Rosemont Area

What’s been happening in the Rosemont area of Sacramento in terms of real estate activity? The trend graph below is based upon the past 90 days of sales and listings from information provided in Sacramento MLS (the only listings included in the graph are those which were actually listed in the past 90 days – some listings have been on the market for well over 90 days and were not used in the graph).


From the trend graph it appears that there are many recent sales and current listings being priced between $175-200K. It appears too that there are a good amount of listings priced below the level of the most recent sales, which is a classic feature of a declining market.

Data for Rosemont Area of Sacramento as of 02/27/09:

  • 7 current Actives
  • 20 current Short Sale Actives
  • 20 current Pendings
  • 27 sales over the past 90 days
  • Median Price of $190,000 over past 90 days
  • Average price per square foot over past 90 days: $126.33

The graph and data is based upon the following boundaries:


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