City of Folsom Market Trends (Sacramento Region)

What is going on in the Folsom, CA real estate market within the Sacramento region? Below is a trend graph as well as data. NOTE: looking at data from an entire city at once may not be indicative of every niche within a city because certain neighborhoods or areas within a city do better or worse than others, don’t they? Still, city-wide data is important and indicative of what is happening in the big picture. 


When looking at the trend graph above, there sure are quite a bit of red dots(current listings) as of late, huh? Moreover, it appears there are listings which came on the market many months ago, yet they are still on the market. It is evident that there is a much greater percentage of properties listed or sold under $400,000 now in comparison to one year ago. The trend line and data indicate a decline in value. What else do you see?

Real Estate Data for the City of Folsom:

  • 708 sales over past 12 months
  • 177 current Active listings
  • 85 current Short Sale listings
  • 82 current Pending listings
  • 125 sales over past 90 days
  • Median Price over past 90 days: $380,000
  • Average Price per square foot over past 90 days: $190.19
  • Median Price over past 12 months: $420,000

The data above is based upon an MLS search through Sacramento Metrolist of all single family detached properties within the City of Folsom.

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