Property Value in the 95670 Zip Code: Gold River, Gold Station, Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova and Gold River may share a zip code, but they are definitely distinct. The truth is that any city or area has certain neighborhoods or places where properties tend to sell for more for certain reasons – even if they do share a common zip code. This is true in portions of the 95670 zip code, which contains Gold River and portions of the city of Rancho Cordova. 

The graph below analyzes the entire 95670 zip code and contains Gold River area sales in blue and Rancho Cordova sales in red (not 95742 zip code – “Anatolia” neighborhood of Rancho Cordova).  


“Gold River HOA” excluding “Gold River Station” – 95670:
– 74 sales in past 12 months
– 12% of sales were bank owned
– 2.5% were short sales
– Low Sale: $235,000
– High Sale: $650,000
– Overall Median Price for Past 12 Months: $414,000

Rancho Cordova – 95670:
– 458 sales in past 12 months
– 64% of sales were bank-owned
– 12% of sales were short sales
– Low Sale: $71,150
– High Sale: $580,000
– Overall Median Price for Past 12 Months: $190,000

“Gold River Station” in Gold River – 95670:
– 17 sales in past 12 months
– 41% of sales were bank owned
– 1 short sale
– Low Sale: $263,000
– High Sale: $340,000
– Overall Median Price for Past 12 Months: $315,000

The data above is from mid-February 2009 and is based upon Sacramento Area MLS through a search of SFR properties. It is interesting to see a much higher foreclosure rate in the city of Rancho Cordova in the 95670 zip code in comparison to the Gold River community.

Lundquist Appraisal Company is based out of Rancho Cordova and knows the local area very well. We do also appraise properties within ten counties surrounding the Sacramento area. See or for more information.

NOTE: The lower Western portion of the Gold River area is comprised of an area called “Gold River Station”. Since Gold River Station is not a part of the Gold River HOA, it was prudent to look at data separately from Gold River.

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