Lowering Your Property Taxes (Greater Sacramento Region)

Many local residents are wondering if they’ll need to contest their property taxes this year. Will the assessed value from the Sacramento Assessor be accurate? Will it take into consideration the substantial decline in last year’s market? Hopefully so.

appraisalpichousebigger1Each local county has specific steps for home owners to follow to contest their property taxes if the owner feels the Assessor did not get it right. There are basically four steps to follow to appeal your property taxes as I have outlined in an article I wrote, “The Skinny on Lowering Property Taxes.” During this process the home owner is asked by the local Assessor’s Office to offer evidence for a lower opinion of value than what the Assessor came up with, but since not all home owners can provide that themselves, property owners sometimes need to hire a credible and local specialist to help provide solid and convincing evidence for the true value of their property. As a licensed and experienced real estate appraiser based in Sacramento, part of the supporting evidence I offer for home owners includes graphs of market trends, standing before the appeals board on your behalf, charts, convincing data and analysis, the best available comparable properties, and among other things, other properties that are not comparable but may have been used to support the Assessor’s value.

For your reference and in case you own rental properties in other counties, here is a list of Assessor websites for 10 Counties in the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, & Bay Area:

As a Sacramento-based real estate appraiser, I may be able to help you in this process. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. You can reach me at 916-595-3735.

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