Eastern Galt Market Trends

What’s happening in the Eastern Galt market area lately? Galt is a wonderful city located in Sacramento County just South of Elk Grove and North of the San Joaquin County line. I have done quite a bit of appraisal work in Galt over the past six years and have seen many changes within the city – new construction, commercial development, population growth…

The trend graph below shows sales over the past 12 months within Eastern Galt (blue) as well as all current listings (red). What do you see when you look at the graph?


The data in the graph is based upon an MLS search of “Eastern Galt”, which is defined by the parameters shown in this map.


Real Estate Data for Eastern Galt, CA as of 03/05/09:

  • 31 active listings
  • 45 short sale active listings
  • 40 pending listings
  • 68 sales over past 90 days
  • 239 sales over past 12 months

City of Galt Links:

If you have any questions about the data above or have a potential need for real estate appraisal service, feel free to contact me. Make sure to explore the Galt links too and you may encounter a sense of community among some local residents – that’s priceless.

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