City of Roseville Market Trends: Past 90 Days

What’s going on in the real estate market for the City of Roseville these days? Check out the graph and data below:


Based upon a search over the past 90 days of single family residential detached units, it looks like Roseville has had about one hundred sales per month in the midst of an oversupply of inventory. At the lower end of the market there were 46 sales in the past 90 days that sold under $200,000. Currently there are 101 listings priced under $200,000. At the higher end of the market there is not much having sold above $800,000 and only 20 houses having sold above $500,000.

City of Roseville Real Estate Data:

  • 302 sales over past 90 days
  • Median price of $305,000 over past 90 days
  • 270 current Active listings
  • 282 current Short Sale listings
  • 215 current Pending listings
  • Data Quick reports a 16.05% difference in price level when comparing January 2008 and January 2009 sales.


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