Elk Grove Market Trends: Past 90 Days

What’s happening in the Elk Grove market lately? Specifically, what is going on in the following parameters: Elk Grove Blvd. to the North, Franklin Blvd. to the West, Bruceville Rd to the East, & Bilby Road to the South. There are many pockets within these boundaires (Machado Dairy, Backer Ranch, Franklin Meadows, Bilby Meadows…).


In this neighborhood there were a plethora of builders who built out the neighborhood over the past five or so years and so the quality of construction varies from pocket to pocket throughout the local market depending on who the builder was (JTS, Beazer, KB…). The style is generally the same throughout with contemporary detached dwellings with stucco exterior and tile roofing. There are local commercial retail properties on the Northwestern end of the neighborhood as well as one other portion as well as a local church.


Elk Grove Real Estate Data:

  • 60 current Active listings
  • 187 current Short Sale Active listings
  • 141 current Pending listings
  • 205 sales over the past 90 days
  • 66 sales under $250,000
  • Median Price over past 90 days: $275,000


If you have any questions about the data, the market, or have any potential appraisal needs in this neighborhood or others, please contact me at 916-595-3735 or www.lundquistcompany.com

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