El Dorado Hills Market Trends (El Dorado County)

What’s going on in the real estate market in El Dorado Hills? Here is a trend graph displaying 36 months of sales based upon Sacramento Metrolist. The data was limited to sales under $2,000,000 since there were only 11 sales at $2,000,000 or above over the past 3 years (listed on MLS).


What do you see? For starters, El Dorado Hills has houses selling at higher levels than many surrounding areas, doesn’t it? It does look like there is a trend downward over the past 36 months with homes selling at overall lower levels as well as less houses which have sold above 1.5 million lately.

El Dorado Hills Real Estate Market Data:

  • Past 90 days:  96 sales
  • Median Price over past 90 days: $442,470
  • Low Sale over past 90 days:  $230,000
  • High Sale over past 90 days:  $1,798,000
  • Past 12 Months:  580 sales
  • Current Active Listings:  255
  • Current Short Sale Active Listings:  91
  • Current Pending Listings:  63

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