Rio Linda Market Trends and Cow Landmarks in Sacramento

What is happening in the Rio Linda market area? Here is a glimpse of the past 36 months of sales? Like many other areas in the Greater Sacramento Region and beyond, Rio Linda has seen a steep decline over the past three years.


Rio Linda is a Census Designated Place within Sacramento County North of the Del Paso area. It is a suburban community, but it does have a more “rural” feel to it since Rio Linda and neighboring Elverta are located a bit away from main commercial centers and typical conveniences. Rio Linda is located just West of Antelope and due East of I-5 and the Natomas area of Sacramento.

Rio Linda Real Estate Market Data:

  • 73 current Active listings
  • 15 current Short Sale listings
  • 48 current Pending listings
  • 15.7% current unemployment rate per February 2009 stats from the Employment Develompent Department.
  • 10% decline in median price level when considering sales in  February 2008 and sales in February 2009 per Data Quick News

While on a recent inspection in Rio Linda I snapped the following image of a cow on top of a gas station. This cow can be found off of Elkhorn Blvd. & Rio Linda Blvd on the Northwest corner. Everytime I appraise in Rio Linda, it makes me smile to see this cow.


And speaking of cows, if you live in the Sacramento area, you may be aware of a very famous cow named Ruofs (pronounced “Rufus”). This cow is located on 16th Street near North B Street in front of Ruland’s Office Furniture. RUOFS actually stands for “Ruland’s Used Office Furniture Store” and you can read all about the cow on the Ruland’s website. The great thing about this cow is that it gets painted different colors every now and then and even has various sayings painted on its side from time to time.


If you have any questions about Rio Linda, the data above or if you happen to have any knowledge of other local cow landmarks, make sure to comment above.

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