Rancho Cordova Real Estate Market Trends in 2009 / Property Taxes in Rancho Cordova

What’s been happening in the real estate market in the city of Rancho Cordova in 2009 so far? Below is a graph and some stats for you: 


Rancho Cordova Real Estate Market Trends in 2009:

  • 179 total sales in MLS in 2009
  • 77 current Active listings
  • 129 current Short Sale listings
  • 104 current Pending listings
  • 99 of 179 sales were in the 95670 zip code
  • 80 of 179 sales were in the 95742 zip code (Anatolia)
  • Overall 2009 Median Sales Price for 95670:  $165,000
  • Overall 2009 Median Sales Price for 95742:  $290,000
  • Low Sales Price in 95670 in 2009:  $75,000
  • High Sales Price in 95670 in 2009:  $420,000
  • Low Sales Price in 95742 in 2009:  $220,000
  • High Sales Price in 95742 in 2009:  $510,000

Property Taxes in Rancho Cordova (and Surrounding Counties):

While on the subject of Rancho Cordova, I wanted to say a few words on property taxes. When looking at my blog stats and what keywords people are typing in to get here, it is clear that property taxes are on the minds of fellow Cordovans as well as many locals in surrounding counties. There are quite a few people finding this blog by searching for things like “How to Lower Property Taxes in Rancho Cordova”, “City Taxes in Rancho Cordova”, “Stockton Property Taxes”, or “Placer County Property Taxes” (etc…) 

I hope the following information proves to be helpful:

1.Our local cities (including Rancho Cordova) do not collect property taxes. Property taxes are handled through the local Assessor’s Office (for Rancho Cordova, that would be the Sacramento County Assessor’s Office).

2. The Sacramento County Assessor’s Office has not yet released their assessed values for 2009. Their assessed values will be based upon January 1, 2009. You should receive a letter in the mail if they determined that your property taxes have decreased based upon a decline in value last year.

3. When the Assessor’s Office releases their assessment of your property in hopefully May 2009, you can follow a specific set of steps to contest the level of your property taxes if you disagree with their opinion (this process is the same for anyone in Sacramento County or for that matter, anyone in surrounding counties. The exact dates for appealing taxes may differ, so you can check with your local Assessor with specific dates).

4. Read an article I wrote called “The Skinny on Lowering Property Taxes” that gives you the gist of what you need to do to contest your property taxes. I would be glad to help you with this process also. Please see www.SacramentoTaxAppeals.com for further information.

Local Assessor’s Offices in Surrounding Counties:

  • Sacramento County Assessor’s Website
  • Placer County Assessor’s Website
  • Yolo County Assessor’s Website
  • El Dorado County Assessor’s Website
  • San Joaquin County Assessor’s Website
  • Stanislaus County Assessor’s Website
  • Merced County Assessor’s Website
  • Sutter County Assessor’s Website
  • Yuba County Assessor’s Website
  • Solano County Assessor’s Website
  • Let me know if you have any questions. I am glad to talk you through the process of appealing your property taxes in Rancho Cordova (or elsewhere) and help you understand what you need to do. Even if you are in a surrounding county that I also serve (Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, San Joaquin….), feel free to give me a call at 916-595-3735. Just last week I spoke with two property owners who found me through this blog and I was able to shed light on what they need to do for 2009 property taxes and also what they could have done in 2008.

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