Is that a ski slope? Nope, it’s a trend line of the housing market.

I had a conversation today with a friend about Rancho Cordova real estate market trends and I made this graph to show her in an image of what words so often say – that the market has declined.


When making trend graphs in many local areas and cities in the Greater Sacramento Region, I often think the overall trend looks like a ski slope. This one above is maybe a bit more bunny-slope-like, but still, you get the point. If you have questions about the local real estate market, feel free to contact me at 916-595-3735 or

A Closing Thought:  Looking at market trends doesn’t often times “bring gladness to the heart of man” so to speak (that was a quote from Chimay, if you follow), so let’s remember that relationships and so much of life can be wonderful even though home values aren’t much to brag about right now.

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