“Arden Manor” Real Estate Market Trends – Sacramento

The “Arden Manor” neighborhood is located off of Watt Avenue just South of Arden Way and West of the “Arden Park” area. The map below depicts the boundaries of what is referred to as ”Arden Manor”. The subdivisions due West, East & South tend to have larger houses and lot sizes and are deemed less comparable to Arden Manor.


The Arden Manor subdivision consists of single-story houses for the most part which range from 2-3 bedrooms typically. Houses usually have a 1-car garage and tend to be between 930-1200 square feet in size (930 and 1081 are two of the most common sizes). There are a number of households with either converted garages or additions. I have appraised quite a few houses in this neighborhood over the years.

Below are two trend graphs to depict sales over the past 36 months as well as current listings in Arden Manor as of today. 



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