Real Estate Market Trends in “Capital Village” in Rancho Cordova

Capital Village is a planned community in Rancho Cordova built by Beazer Homes (construction is ongoing still). Within the development there are a combination of detached and attached housing units ranging from one to three stories. The community has two parks, access to local commercial retail shops within walking distance, active residents, and a convenient location within close proximity to many local employers (and Rancho Cordova City Hall).


There are four housing styles within Capital Village:

  • Bungalows:  1 and 2 story properties on the Eastern side of the development.
  • Reflections:  Units along and near International Drive that are 2 and 3 stories in design. These units were previously called “Brownstones” and the word is that many residents still refer to them as such.
  • Fusion:  As pictured above, these multi-colored attached units are hard to miss when driving through Capital Village. Fusion has a higher HOA fee than the other three property styles due to being attached. There are actually two separate HOAs within the Capital Village development (one for attached units and one for detached units). The Fusion units were formally called “Villas” but Beazer changed their name to Fushion.
  • Cottages:  Units with a garage on the front of the house and located between Bungalows and Fusion. All other units have garage access in the rear.


Capital Village Real Estate Data in Rancho Cordova (MLS Data):

  • 8 current Active listings in MLS (note: Beazer very likely has other properties that are listed for sale but are not on MLS).
  • 3 current Short Sale Active listings
  • 21 current Pending listings
  • 3 short sales listings are between $195,000-$200,000
  • Pendings range from $184,664 to $315,759
  • High MLS sale in past 12 months was $312,889
  • Low MLS sale in past 12 months was $190,000

If you have any questions about Capital Village or the data above, feel free to contact me at 916-595-3735 or or “ryan [at] lundquistcompany [dot] com”. Additionally, if you purchased your home when the Capital Village community was brand new and you feel that your property has declined in value over time, but the Assessor has not adjusted your property taxes accordingly, let’s talk.

NOTE: The data above is based on properties of all sizes and design (attached and detached). Beazer Homes has other properties which have sold maybe higher or lower than the data above indicates. Beazer is tending to list many of their properties on MLS, but they do not list all of them.


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