“Stone Creek” Neighborhood in Rancho Cordova: Photos From the Field

Yesterday I took some photos from the field of the “Stone Creek” neighborhood in Rancho Cordova.

Stone Creek is a fairly new community within Southern Rancho Cordova in the 95670 zip code just South of Highway 50 in between International Drive & Mather Air Field basically. Stone Creek has a unique plan in that it has a large bike/walking path that basically surrounds the entire subdivision. Additionally, Stone Creek has a very nice 21-acre park (Stone Creek Community Park).

This neighborhood is not difficult to spot since there is a giant water tower on the Eastern end of the tract. Have you seen this one while traveling South on Sunrise Blvd?


Stone Creek is just North of Mather Air Field and there is still some vacant land to be built on (probably when the market rebounds). The image below is of the Stone Creek community in the background along with vacant land in the foreground.


This is a view of part of the bike trail/path along the perimeter of the subdivision.


I am very familiar with the Stone Creek neighborhood from my real estate appraisal experience within the community. If you have any questions about Stone Creek or any potential real estate appraisal needs, please contact me at www.lundquistcompany.com or 916-595-3735.

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