San Joaquin County Hits 15% Unemployment Rate for May 2009

What stands out to you about the following data? Below you will find the most recent figures for unemployment in San Joaquin County as of May 2009 per the Employment Develompent Department. The figures below consider both cities and Census Designated Places (CDP). San Joaquin County as a whole has an unemployment rate of 15.0%.

August CDP      22.9%

Country Club CDP       11.0%

Escalon city      13.3%

Farmington CDP       18.9%

French Camp CDP       46.8%

Garden Acres CDP      23.9%

Kennedy CDP    31.9%

Lathrop city     10.5%

Lincoln Village CDP       3.6%

Linden CDP     18.0%

Lockeford CDP    24.5%

Lodi city        11.4%

Manteca city     13.1%

Morada CDP      6.5%

North Woodbridge CDP   5.7%

Ripon city      8.9%

South Woodbridge CDP    10.8%

Stockton city     18.1%

Taft Mosswood CDP     31.8%

Tracy city    9.4%

It is important to note that some of the communities in San Joaquin County are smaller in population and so the rates are easier to be higher. However, Stockton is not a small city and it is alarming to see an unemployment rate of 18.1%. Do you think the unemployment rate might impact real estate values or even the confidence of investors in some cases to purchase properties?

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