What types of repairs does HUD require for an FHA loan in the Sacramento Area?

images1I find myself doing quite a few FHA appraisals these days in light of the enormous popularity of FHA loans in the Greater Sacramento Region. Sometimes properties are able to easily meet FHA minimum standards, but other times houses might need just a little work (or quite a bit) to bring them up to the level required by HUD.

The primary concern of HUD as it pertains to a property is with safety, soundness and security. The basic gist is that for HUD to guarentee a loan, a property must not have any issues that present a threat to safety, security or soundness.  Minor cosmetic issues don’t fall under this category, so a crack in a window or a stain on carpet or a missing doorknob are not a big deal for FHA loans (so long as there is no threat to safety, security or soundness). Other condition issues though such as peeling or chipping paint, an inoperable heating system or a leaking roof are a big deal to HUD because they do impact safety, security or soundness.

At times it is easy to think that appraisers are being knit-picky over minor issues that could easily be overlooked while inspecting a property, but take a look firsthand what FHA requires for repairs (click HERE).

If you ever have questions about FHA-related required repairs or FHA real estate appraisals in the Sacramento Area (multiple counties surrounding Sacramento), you are welcome to contact me at 916-595-3735 or www.lundquistcompany.com or LundquistCompany@gmail.com  Lastly, you may find HUD to be very helpful when you call (800)CALL-FHA

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