What are FHA guidelines for Removing Lead-Base Paint? (question from search engine)

Website statistics show that someone found this site today when searching for the answer to the following question: What are FHA guidelines for removing lead-base paint? I’d like to shed some light on the answer and hopefully help any future readers too.

chipping-paintJPGAs indicated on the HUD website in tremendous detail, whether you are in Sacramento or anywhere in the United States, there is a very specific methodology for the abatement of lead-base paint. To learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about lead-base paint removal, you can DOWNLOAD a PDF document from HUD (50+ pages). In short though, the answer to the question is that a defective paint surface (chipping, cracking, flaking, peeling) on a property built prior to 1978 must be cured by a proper method of scraping and then painting afterward. Careful attention must also be given to flakes of paint falling on the soil during removal. Thus you can see that it doesn’t jive well with HUD to simply slop on some new paint over a cracked or flaking surface and then call it cured. The defective portion of paint actually has to be properly removed and then the bare wood must be painted. Does that make sense?

Why do you think they HUD is so concerned about lead-base paint anyway?   

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