Answers to Questions from Search Engine Inquiries Yesterday on the Lundquist Appraisal Blog

I am making it a habit to answer some of the questions that people are asking on search engines to find this site. The following was typed in yesterday: 

“Is a dishwasher required by FHA”

Great question. The answer is “yes” or “no” depending upon the situation. If the kitchen does not have a place for a drop-in dishwasher, then HUD does not require one to be present. However, if there is an alloted space for a dishwasher in the kitchen cabinetry, then there must be a working dishwasher present. 

“Intended user on an estate settlement real”

I have to go out on a limb here to fill in the blanks. My guess is that you were looking to find out who the intended user is on a real estate appraisal for an estate settlement. The answer is simple. The intended user is whoever the client and appraiser decide it to be when the appraiser takes on the assignment. When an estate settlement appraisal is ordered, figuring out who the intended user is and what the intended use will be are some of the very first items discussed and clarified between the appraiser and client. It is most typical during estate settlement to have the intended user be the home owner or heir as well as a specified CPA or attorney.

“Date of death appraisal”

A “Date of Death” appraisal is usually a retrospective valuation based on the date a certain person passed away. It is very common for home owners or heirs to need appraisals like this for inheritance or estate settlement purposes. Usually an attorney or CPA directs a home owner to hire an appraiser during situations as such. You can read more on a previous post HERE.

“HVCC loan officers can choose appraiser”

On May 1, 2009 something called the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) came into effect. HVCC basically means that loan officers and brokers cannot order appraisals directly from appraisers any longer when a conventional loan directed toward Fannie Mae is at hand. However, loan officers and brokers CAN order FHA appraisals directly from appraisers. Anyone doing an FHA loan can choose the appraiser they work with. Why is this? Because HVCC relates to loans that are geared toward Fannie Mae, and HUD is a separate entity from Fannie Mae. I wrote more about this subject HERE and HERE.

“Water park stone creek rancho”

I don’t have photos of the spray park at Stone Creek Park, but I highly recommend this family-friendly park in Rancho Cordova off of Zinfandel & Spoto. See for details on local parks in Rancho Cordova.

I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have a need for clarification or any further questions. Answers to Questions from Search Engine Inquiries Yesterday on the Lundquist Appraisal Blog

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