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It’s interesting to see how people find my website. I am able to see basic data every day for how readers get here. I only see the words people type in search engines – nothing more. I wanted to provide a bit more information for readers below from a few of the most recent search results:

“getting your house appraised for a loan”

Answer:  I don’t know exactly where you were going with this, but I’ll take a stab. For mostly any loan you will need a real estate appraisal (and therefore a real estate appraiser to inspect your property). Most of the time these days you will not be able to choose your own appraiser due to HVCC – see below (unless doing an FHA loan or a loan not affiliated with Fannie Mae). People ask me all the time what they should do to prepare for an appraiser to come to their home. Other than being greeted with fresh cookies, hot coffee and biscotti (just kidding), it’s not a bad idea to have your house semi-clean and make sure that the appraiser will have access to each room. If the appraiser cannot observe all rooms and spaces within the house and on the property, then there is a good chance the appraiser will have to come back for another inspection.

“date HVCC went into effect”

Answer:  May 1, 2009. To read more about HVCC, click HERE. “HVCC” stands for the “Home Valuation Code of Conduct” and there have been quite a few articles lately on the subject.

“FHA appraisal interior cracks”

Answer:  FHA appraisals are the rage in the marketplace right now. From a lending standpoint there are different guidelines for FHA loans as opposed to conventional loans geared toward Fannie Mae. This of course means that FHA qualified appraisers are mandated to follow certain standards set forth by HUD. Do interior cracks matter to HUD? Well, what do they look like? How big are they? Where do they come from? Could these cracks suggest a lack of structural integrity or are they simply evidence of an older house and/or depreciation? This is not an easy question to answer without observing the property personally. HUD is primarily concerned with safety, soundness and security, and so if there are any issues with the property that might compromise safety, soundness or security (or any of the very specific minimum requirements HUD has laid out), then the cracks could be something warranting further investigation. But then again, they could be no big deal at all.

“Rocklin Tax Assessor”

Answer:  People find this website on a daily basis by searching for items such as “Rocklin Tax Assessor,” “Rancho Cordova property taxes”, “Fair Oaks taxes” and more. Keep in mind that our local cities do not collect property taxes from us. The county in which the property is located handles property tax assessment and collection. In the case of Rocklin, that would be the Placer County Assessor. If you do happen to need help disputing your property taxes, you are invited to poke around our property tax appeal website HERE.

I hope these brief answers were helpful. I’ll continue to answer questions I find from search engine results, but I am more than happy to answer questions via email or phone too. Search Engine Answers from the Sacramento Appraisal Blog

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