Toys Left Behind at Bank-Owned Properties

Aug192006 012I’ll be honest. As a father of two small children, it gets to me a bit to see toys and kid stuff left behind at properties I inspect. Since I do appraisals for companies that manage foreclosure inventory for banks, I often end up being one of the first people to enter a house once the previous owners are gone and new locks have been installed. It’s telling to see what people leave behind, and the various bits of rubbish and leftovers almost give a glimpse into what used to go on in the house. This is a job that someone has to do because the house needs to resell, but it’s a bit raw to see remnants of people’s lives.

There is so much talk about the economy and foreclosures. It seems easy to gloss over statistics about defaults, rising unemployment and a coming wave of foreclosures, but it’s important to keep in perspective that real people are behind the data. Toys Left Behind at Bank-Owned Properties

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