Anatolia Market Trends: 95742 Zip Code in Rancho Cordova – Past 90 Days

Here is a quick update for those interested in what is happening the “Anatolia” area of Rancho Cordova in the 95742 zip code.

There are currently 152 listings within the 95742 zip code. 45 of these properties are pending (in contract) and 77 of them are short sale actives, while the rest are typical active listings (some bank-owned and others not).

Anatolia Listing in Rancho Cordova July 2009

Over the past 90 days there have been a total of 70 sales in the neighborhood as shown in the following graph.

Anatolia Sales in Rancho Cordova 95742 Zip Code July 2009

Real Estate Market Trends in 95742 Zip Code:

  • 70 sales over the past 90 days (per MLS)
  • Low Sale:  $175,000
  • High Sale:  $495,000
  • Median Price Level over past 90 Days:  $282,745
  • NOTE: Most sales tend to hover around $400,000 or lower, but there is one straggler at $495,000.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the data above, the Anatolia market area, Rancho Cordova or other areas in the Greater Sacramento Region. I take pride in knowing local neighborhoods well and producing credible appraisals for estate settlement, litigation, purchase, refinance, loan modification, bankruptcy and more. Please see our company website at and feel free to call 916-595-3735 or comment above for more information. Anatolia Market Trends: 95742 Zip Code in Rancho Cordova – Past 90 Days

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