What People Are Saying: Do You Google Your Name or Company?

Some thoughts for business and life.

What appears when your name is typed into a search engine? Business stuff? Personal or family informatoin? Articles mentioning your name? Comments you left on some random website? Pictures from your wild days that shouldn’t be online? Your Facebook profile or personal blog? 

Be honest. Have you ever looked up your name or business on a search engine to see what comes up? I was doing some thinking about this earlier today. Though it might sound narcissistic to some, I’ll admit that I perform regular searches for my name and my companies. Why do I do this? Because it’s good to know what others are saying, and also helpful to filter online content as much as possible. It’s an online world now, so finding out what the search engines are yielding is an important modern reality for many of us, especially for anyone in business.


As an aside, if you have never looked up your name in Zabasearch, I would recommend that. It’s actually very disturbing to see years of personal information available to anyone. Trust me, you might be shocked when you run a search for yourself or family members. 

If you end up doing a search, comment above if you’d like. What did you find? Anything surprising, or was it what you expected? What do you think of Zabasearch?

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