Photos from the Field: Tracy, Atwater, & Tire

Here are some photos from the field yesterday. I usually snap a picture when I see something that interests me.

Got vacant sites? This sure is a common view throughout the Greater Sacramento Region and Central Valley. The following image was snapped in the city of Tracy on the Western end of Golden Leaf Lane. It’s just not cost-effective in most cases to build out lots right now, even if the lots are “finished” and simply ready for a builder to come in.


I don’t know what it is, but when I see a home owner on his one-acre lot selling cows and goats, I feel compelled to snap a picture of the signage. This photo was taken in Atwater, CA.


Last, but not least. On the way home from inspections yesterday I had a bit of a scary moment when my tire blew out on the freeway. The entire tread on my front left tire just completely came off. At first I didn’t know if I hit something or what happened. I felt the truck start to pull to the left though and for a split second I wondered what was going to happen. Thank God I was able to get to the side of Highway 99 safely and quickly.

020 Photos from the Field: Tracy, Atwater, & Tire

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