Quick Data: Antelope Foreclosures & Short Sales

Quick data on Antelope, CA based on information provided in Sacramento MLS for detached single family residential properties: 

  • There were 832 sales in Antelope within one year of 09/14/2009.
  • 63% of these sales sold as “bank-owned”
  • 20% of the sales sold as Short Sales
  • 206 sales over the past 90 days
  • 38 current Active listings
  • 203 current Short Sale Active listings
  • 112 current Pendings.

Interesting stuff. I typically run city-wide data like this for appraisal reports and then of course neighborhood-specific data for the market area boundaries for the property I am appraising (often times a certain subdivision). This helps me see both the overall market and then the smaller neighborhood in the context of the real estate market at large.

What do you think of the data? Does anything stand out to you? Do you think most buyers look at figures like this to determine the health or lacktherof in a community (before they buy)? Do buyers care? Comment above or call me at 916-595-3735 if you have any questions.

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