“Tahoe Park” Real Estate Market Data in Sacramento: The Past 90 Days

What’s the latest in the “Tahoe Park” market in Sacramento? Below is some basic data based on information from Sacramento MLS as of 10/28/09. The points on the graph represent sales within the entire Tahoe Park neighborhood – all four sections.  I wrote previously about the different areas of Tahoe Park HERE as well as a look at thirty-six months of the market in Tahoe Park.


Tahoe Park Real Estate Market Data:

  • 36 sales over the past 90 days (07/28/09 – 10/28/09)
  • 15 current Active listings
  • 17 current Active Short Sale listings
  • 26 Pendings
  • Low sale in past 90 days: $67,000
  • High sale in past 90 days: $349,500

This graph is a bit interesting. It looks almost like a fork that represents two different segments of the market – a lower end and a higher end. So what does each of those lines represent? Now there is a great question worth exploring. Any thoughts? Let me know if you have any questions or a need for further research. Call me at 916-595-3735 or email ryan@lundquistcompany.com.

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