Christmas CanTree Project 2009: Event by Exit Realty West in Sacramento

This is a great cause I plan to participate in. I became aware of the Christmas CanTree drive through Jeff Dominguez of Exit Realty West (Jeff is definitely one of the good guys) and the Sacramento Association of Realtors.

exit realty west can tree fundraiser

Per the Sacramento Association of Realtor’s website:

What CanTree Does
The food donated will be distributed to needy families through The Salvation Army’s Holiday Food Basket Program. Over 45,000 local families are expected to benefit from the food contributed through CanTree, according to The Salvation Army. The Army currently serves 36,000 meals per month in the Greater Sacramento Area. CanTree is a critical factor in successfully feeding thousands of people at Christmas time.

Why SAR Sponsors CanTree
Every REALTOR® knows that a healthy community is crucial to our success. All the money we raise for CanTree goes directly to the Salvation Army – none of it goes for administration or any other costs. Even though the real estate market has seen better days, enthusiasm is still very high and REALTORS® are as generous as ever.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. You are welcome to contact Exit Realty West at 916-441-4418 for more information on their potluck / auction. Christmas CanTree Project 2009: Event by Exit Realty West in Sacramento


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