Exit Realty West Hosts Successful CanTree Auction

Congratulations to Exit Realty West for their fantastic Christmas CanTree auction last night. The event was managed well (with humor) and there were so many generous Realtors, agents, mortgage consultants, and others that handed over cash for gift baskets, 49ers tickets, wine bottles, Kings tickets, cookies, and other random stuff. I know Jeff Dominguez and Francisco Cuellar of Exit Realty West put in some hard work to pull this off. Great work guys!! Thank you for advocating for families in need and providing a hub to bring others together to participate. 



The photos are a bit blurry. My mobile phone takes really great pictures, but when it comes to shots in a dimly lit room –  not so good.

www.SacramentoAppraisalBlog.com Exit Realty West Hosts Successful CanTree Auction


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