Unemployment Rates in El Dorado County & San Joaquin County

What are the latest unemployment figures for San Joaquin County and El Dorado County? Below you will find the latest rates for all cities and CDPs from October 2009 based on information provided by EDD. Unemployment rates for Sacramento County & Placer County, and Yolo County, Solano County & Merced County are also available. These are all areas I appraise in, so I keep a close eye on unemployment each month.

It’s interesting to hear so much on the news about how the economy is improving, yet one glance at unemployment seems to indicate that things are not so hot. Or is that just me?

El Dorado San Joaquin County Unemployment October 2009 Lundquist Appraisal Company

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  1. Roger says

    Numbers don’t lie but clearly politicians do. What exactly is the motivation for pretending that the economy is improving while the unemployment figures remain low? In your industry, does “good news” about the economy stimulate growth? I’d be interested to see a side-by-side comparison between the unemployment numbers and home sales to see how the unemployment rate actually corresponds with the real estate market, if at all. Good information here. Thank you.

    • Sac Ryan says

      Roger, for whatever reason, unemployment seems to carry less weight for some people. It is true that the housing market has seen a surge lately, so that’s not a lie for the most part when people are talking that angle, but the big concern (to me at least) is what is happening with unemployment currently (as well as bank-owned inventory levels), and what will that mean for the future? If buyers do feel a sense of confidence about the economy, they will purchase more houses, so it does impact the industry.

      I made a graph last summer that shows home sales and unemployment rates over 2 or 3 years in Rancho Cordova. I thought you might be interested in this one. Check it out if you’d like. http://sacramentoappraisalblog.com/2009/09/30/a-look-at-home-sales-unemployment-in-rancho-cordova/

      Thanks for the comment.


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