A Violent Crime Nearby: Would it Matter to You?

I’m working on an appraisal right now, and I learned from a local agent that a household near the subject property was the recipient of a violent crime in the past. Even though the homicide did not take place on the subject parcel, it still has to be disclosed to potential buyers because the seller is aware of the situation. Do you think this might impact marketability for some buyers?

L_CrimeSceneTapeI was able to find out more about the crime by doing a Google search of the name and property address of the deceased. Additionally, I checked out the Sacramento County Crime Mapping website. It’s amazing what you can find online in just a matter of minutes.

If you work in real estate, have you sold or appraised a house before that had a stigma due to some sort of heinous crime? What impact did you see in the marketplace? How did potential buyers respond when learning about the crime? If you were on the hunt for a home, would you consider purchasing a property where a murder or violent crime took place?

Sad situation.


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