Get a Text Message Reminder About Property Taxes has a helpful free service for home owners in the Greater Sacramento Region. You can sign up to receive text message reminders for important property tax dates and deadlines. This free service will remind you when new assessments become available, the first day you can appeal property taxes, and the last day you can contest your assessed value.  

The short video below shows you how to sign up for free. It’s so easy!!! We’ll only text you a few reminders. We will not call you. And we will never share your phone number with anyone.

This service is available to anybody located in the continental United States who owns property in the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley & Bay Area. Standard text messaging rates may apply from your carrier. Sign up now for free at


  1. says

    Wow, Ryan!!! Now that’s creative thinking and a great way to make a video to attract more potential clients!!! To survive, it’s going to take more creative thinking just like this. Thank you for the idea! Bill Cobb

    • Sac Ryan says

      Thanks Bill. It’s a real pleasure to be able to help people out with good information. Last year this worked well too. I think the good thing is that I’ve told people they will only be texted 3 or 4 times during the year, and that I will not call them either. They can certainly call me and do business with me if they’d like, but otherwise there are really no strings attached. I like that because so many people have questions these days about taxes. So many of us are hoping to save a few bucks too.

      Have a great day Bill.

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