Reading Books to Sharpen Business Skills

trust_agent_coverI’ve asked a few local business owner friends to read through a book called Trust Agents starting next month. So far our book readers consist of several real estate appraisers, a photographer, editor of a local online publication, real estate agent and hopefully a broker. I should mention we do have an appraiser from Georgia too who will be reading along with us (he just won’t be at the meetings in CA).

This is a low-key gathering and not a networking meeting. Like I told everyone, this is an informal get-together and a social opportunity to grow in business with other locals. The goal is to openly ponder this highly recommended book and think out loud together about the content. It should be fun, and I have a feeling we’ll learn a lot and sharpen each other’s business skills too. 

If this group goes well, maybe I’ll put together a couple more since I’ve been meaning to read Crush It and The 4-Hour Workweek. Do you have any books to suggest? Has there been a particular author who has formed your thinking for business or life? Also, if you’ve read Trust Agents, what did you think?


    • Sac Ryan says

      Thanks so much. I appreciate your comment and your encouragement. I hope things are going well for you today in NH. I imagine it’s a bit colder there then here. 🙂

      By the way, if you do end up picking up this book before next month, you are welcome to join us as an out-of-state reader. We have one other out-of-stater so far.


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