Tree Nets in Marysville: Photos from the Field

While inspecting a property in Yuba City today, I found myself driving past Washington Square in Marysville where Highway 20 and 70 meet. I’ve appraised several houses in Yuba and Sutter County recently, but since I’ve not used this intersection for a while, I found myself wondering why enormous nets were blanketing these trees. Snapping a few shots was definitely fitting.



A friend on Twitter tipped me off that this area was scheduled for a construction project and the nets were an aim to curb nesting. An Appeal-Democrat article entitled “Tree Nets Spoiling Marysville” gives more detail.

What do you think of the nets? Comments are welcome below.


  1. says

    I own a rental around the corner from this site. It was the home of a rundown hotel. The hotel was torn down and the nets are to keep birds away. Should cut down the Trees.. just my take.

    • Sac Ryan says

      I bet you are not alone in thinking the trees should come down. We’ll see how long it takes for someone to decide what to do. Thanks for the comemnt Brian.

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