Yelling “Timber” from the Front Yard

This past weekend I had my first taste of the lumberjack trade (sort of). Two friends came over and we chopped down a 30-40 foot tree in my front yard. This tree had a natural lean already, was no longer producing leaves, and was plagued with mistletoe. It had really become an eyesore, and I sure am glad to see it gone. This first chopping experience was actually quite fun. The clean-up on the other hand….. I could’ve lived without that. Enjoy a video below of the moment the tree fell.


In real estate appraisal terminology, we uprooted a fixture that had no contributory value whatsover. Actually, this tree probably contributed negatively to the site since the cost for removal would be the best indicator of value.


    • Sac Ryan says

      That’s definitely true, Keith. And now it’s all ready to be fire wood in the next 1-2 years when it dries out.

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