Fido on the Roof: A New Security System?

I had two appraisal inspections in the City of Galt today and I couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity. While snapping pictures of comps, I happened to see a dog walking around on the roof of a two-story house. Security dog? Sun tanning? Neighborhood Watch program taken to the extreme? This made me smile.

Do you have pets that enjoy heights or the roof? Comments are welcome below.


    • Sac Ryan says

      Glad you like that, Erin. Good point. I wonder if the owner knew or if it’s a regular thing for this dog. I’ve heard dogs land on all fours though anyway. 🙂

      • Cyndy says

        I’m sure the owners know he’s out there since the window is open. What a beautiful boxer!! He can enjoy the great outdoors without someone trying to snatch him!! This is a crack me up pic!!

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