What’s the Unemployment Rate in Sacramento County so far in 2010?

EDD finally posted January 2010 unemployment rates. They typically get new data on their website about 20 days into the next month (for the previous month), but this time around they took quite a bit longer. Maybe they didn’t want to release discouraging numbers (just kidding). Actually, they have a new schedule posted HERE in case you’re interested.

The graph to the right was taken from the EDD website. It looks like California is not doing too well compared with the rest of the United States. When looking at the graph or the data below, what stands out to you? Does anything surprise you? In Sacramento County, Gold River has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.6% and Walnut Grove takes home the top rate at 30.5%. These two have actually been bookends on the unemployment rate spectrum for quite some time. Overall Sacramento County has an unemployment rate of 13.10% as of January 2010.

What strikes you about the information above? How do you think unemployment influences the real estate market?

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