The Dinky Diner in Clarksburg

I took a few hours off today to head to Clarksburg with my wife to fit in a little anniversary date. We enjoyed a scenic drive through several Sacramento Delta towns, a light lunch, a short visit to the town of Locke, and some wine-tasting. In all the times I’ve appraised property in the Delta area, I’ve actually never stopped to eat, so I was delighted to enjoy The Dinky Diner. This little mobile set-up (as pictured below) is located on top of the levy about one mile south of Old Sugar Mill along South River Road. We were impressed with the burgers, the small town feel, and the great vibe as we sat outside on a park bench overlooking the Delta. What a fantastic little joint.


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    It’s nice to stop and smell the roses..err..grapes..oh you know what I mean. Whenever I am out in the field all day I always tell myself I am going to stop and eat lunch at a new restaraunt but I am always busy or in a hurry and I never do. Good for you for taking time with your wife and enjoying lifes simple pleasures.

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      I’m the same way, Tom. I rarely stop for anything during the work day besides a cup of coffee (to be taken on the road) or gas. I usually pack a lunch too so I can eat while driving.

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