Common Questions about Property Taxes in Sacramento County & Beyond

Home owners and real estate agents ask me property tax questions all the time, so I figured it would be helpful to make a video to answer some of the most common questions. In the video below or HERE I walk you through the calendar year of events and deadlines surrounding reducing your property taxes so you can know what to expect throughout the year. 

Common Questions Covered in the Video: When is the best month to appeal property taxes in Sacramento or another local county? What date does the Assessor base my property value on? Why is it not a good idea to respond to the “reduce your taxes” mailers in February and March? When do new assessed values come out in Sacramento and surrounding counties like Placer? Why does the Assessor have a positive publicity campaign before releasing new assessed values? When is the deadline for disputing property taxes?

Please see for additional information and let me know if you have any questions. You can use the “Contact” page on the website to let us know about your property so we can do FREE research to determine if there is any potential savings for you on your property tax bill. You may also call 916-595-3735, or email Thank you.

Do you have any questions about property tax appeals? In your experience, has your local Assessor valued your property correctly over the years?



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