Quick Real Estate Conversations at Starbucks

I ran into an acquaintance at Starbucks recently and we ended up having a very brief conversation about the real estate market in Sacramento. This friend of a friend just happened to be spending some time with her Realtor, and while waiting for our drinks to come to the bar, the Realtor asked me, “So how is the real estate market doing?”

We literally only had about a minute to talk, and like usual I find that it’s no small task to truly sum up the happenings of the real estate market in only sixty seconds. I suppose technically real estate market conversations can be treated like some sort of a speed-networking introduction, but my sense is that this type of exchange is really best for sitting down over coffee instead of waiting for coffee. Nonetheless, I had the brief conversation of course, but I found myself wishing for more time to realy grapple with different facets of the market. 

I mention this because I have quite a few visitors to this blog every day (thank you). People type in questions in a search engine to find answers to what they are looking for. So I say to you, if you have questions about the local real estate market, appraisal standards, FHA, a particular neighborhood, property taxes, or any other topic you might find on my blog, I just wanted to let you know I’m accessible.

You can reach me at 916-595-3735, ryan@LundquistCompany.com, on Twitter at @SacAppraiser, YouTubeFacebook, or in the form to the right or below. Please contact me for questions, discussion, or if you are in need of my appraisal or property tax appeal services.

By the way, does anyone keep an app on your phone to find coffee shops, whether Starbucks or something else?

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