How is the Sacramento area real estate market doing these days?

The question “How is the real estate market doing?” usually deserves more time than just 30 seconds. There’s definitely background research, information, and experience needed to answer this question properly. 

I wanted to take you through (in part) how I get this answer as a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in the Sacramento area. In the video below (or HERE) I analyze a portion of the Lincoln Crossing community in Lincoln, CA, and I’ll show you what goes on in my mind as I crunch numbers and explore the local market. I hope this video is helpful.


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    Very good analysis Ryan. I have found too that it really depends on where you are at as to how the market is doing, since it changes from area to area.

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    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your encouragement. Tom, you’re definitely right that how the market is doing really changes from area to area (even with the same city). Susan, it looks like you’re in New Jersey. I’ve never been, but would love to some day. I’d be curious to hear about the market in New Jersey. I have no context at all for what prices are like right now.


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