Bullet Holes: A Photo from the Field

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it’s true. I noted quite a few bullet holes in the stucco of a house on a recent appraisal inspection. I’m not a big gun guy (or CSI fan), so I couldn’t tell you what type of firearm caused this damage, but I do know that holes like this are a sad commentary on reality.


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    Wow, Ryan! At least the holes seem to be providing homes for the local spiders. This is when it’s best to use the most immediate comps as possible, even if you have to go back 1 to 2 years and adjust for market conditions. Bill

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    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Funny, Keith.

    Tom & Bill, comps in the same neighborhood will be very key. I don’t think there will be a strongly defined specific adjustment. It would be nice if it could be narrowed down to something like $1,000 for every hole, but that just won’t happen.

    Bryan, I wasn’t packing heat. I’ve never had any problems with violence. There were actually quite a few people around and the unit was occupied too, so it felt very comfortable. It always gets a little creepy though when inspecting properties in areas that have certain issues (like in this picture) and the property is a complete fixer and vacant with potential squatters.

    Wendell, that sounds like an interesting assignment. Wow!!!


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