A Shocking Difference in Fourplex Sales in Modesto

You probably didn’t wake up this morning wondering about fourplex sales in the city of Modesto. But if you did, you’re in luck. Even if you didn’t though, have a look at the trend graph below because it’s shocking to see the huge difference in property values from three years ago to now. What do you see? What stands out to you?

If you are a home owner or work in the real estate field, I’d be curious to hear your take not only on the data above, but on property assessments too. Unfortunately I’m finding it especially true that multi-unit 2-4 income-producing properties are often not assessed accurately (even worse than single family homes). Are you seeing a similar trend? Why do you think duplexes and fourplexes often seem to escape the realm of lowered values by the assessor?

If you are a property owner or investor and feel the Assessor has not kept in tune with the reality of the downward trend in property values, let’s talk. Call me at 916.595.3735 or see my property tax appeal website at www.SacramentoTaxAppeals.com.


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    I recently did a fourplex in Birmingham with very similar value indicators. Apparently banks are not lending to investors for these types of properties which results in lower sales prices.


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