Drug Houses, Needles & Childhood Dreams

Everyone has a story, and so does every house. I inspected a Sacramento area property recently that was utterly filthy. In fact, Code Enforcement had to grant me access because it had been boarded up as a “dangerous property” because of its condition and history involving illegal drugs, squatters, prostitution, and many calls to the police from neighbors.  This property was dirty to the core, and as you can see below, I had to be careful where I stepped.

While inspecting this house and seeing the remnants of an existance of desperation and addiction, I couldn’t help but think of the vile things that went on inside and how none of the partakers in drugs and prostitution would have ever imagined they’d end up in this filthy little hole doing what they were doing. I was reminded of a “say no to drugs” commercial campaign from the 80s with the punchline “nobody says they’ll grow up to be a junkie”.

This house will thankfully soon be rehabbed, but I wonder if the former occupants will ever find the help and hope they need.



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