Neighborhood Boundaries, Real Estate & Tahoe Park in Sacramento

Are you in or out? It could make a huge difference in property value whether you live in a certain neighborhood or not. A boundary line for a neighborhood could include anything from a street, park, city or county line, different design of houses, train tracks, commercial district, etc… Whatever it is that separates one neighborhood from another is very significant to be aware of because real estate is about location, location, location.

Let’s take a look at the Tahoe Park area of Sacramento. What are the boundaries to Tahoe Park? As you may know, the Tahoe Park neighborhood is comprised of four sections as shown below. You can read more about these four sections of Tahoe Park from a previous post.

Let’s think further about the neighborhood boundaries above. If you are local, do you see any big value differences between some of the bordering areas such as Tallac Village, Colonial Heights, Elmhurst, Oak Park or UC Med Center? Some of these portions are competitive or more similar to each other, but others are VERY different neighborhoods despite sharing a street border such as Stockton Blvd.

What sort of boundaries have you seen make a big difference in real estate values in the real estate market? Maybe you’re thinking of a certain dividing street, a freeway, or a newly constructed subdivision in the midst of an older tract. Or think of the home you grew up in as a child. What boundaries do you think defined that neighborhood?

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