Appraising Trout: Recap of a Day of Fishing

I took the day off yesterday to enjoy some fishing at Ice House Reservoir. I sure needed a break in life, so it was nice to have a friend take me out on his boat. We ended up bagging ten trout and having ten or more others get away too. We were out on the lake for six hours, and the weather was pretty cold (with wind). It actually started to snow while we were packing up. On that note, I’d never been fishing before when there was a glimpse of snow on the shore, so that was neat. I could get used to a four-day work week and then fishing on Fridays. Anyone else with me on that?

Enjoy a few pictures.


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    No doubt, snow! That’s some beautiful country where you were at, from what I could tell from the pics. How are you going to cook the fish??

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    Looks like it was a good trip, good eating by the looks of your catch. Have a lot of great memories from Ice House and Union Valley res. When I was in high school, two buddies and I went up to Icehouse on Thanksgiving Day, after we got food from each of our houses. Woke up the next morning and did some fishing. It was great. Thought there wouldn’t be anyone up there on Thanksgiving night, but I was pleasantly surprised. Been thinking about camping up there, once this cold weather finally moves out. It can get really cold up there, that I know very well.

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    Bryan, we really did have a great time. Honestly though, it was a bit colder than I like when I fish, so after six hours on the boat, I was done in a major way.

    Tom, it was absolutely beautiful. This is one of the reasons why I love Sacramento because it’s so close to beauty. We had other fishing spots we could have hit, but this one was only about 75 minutes or so from my house. We actually saw a bald eagle too while fishing. I can’t wait to go back. I’ll BBQ some of the trout and give some away too. My family is not a big fish consuming household, so BBQing a little is good enough for us. If you have verteran grilling techniques though, I am open ears because the cooking will start tomorrow evening.

    Donald, it sounds like you’ve had your share of fun up there too. You should definitely go camping again. Relive the high school days, right? It’s such a beauitful place. I’m not familiar with Union Valley.

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    Don’t know if your family has the same taste we have but lately we have really gotten into fish tacos. We make a good cole slaw and put it with the cooked fish in a tortilla. You can do it a lot of different ways, though. Smoking the fish would add a great flavor. Whatever way you do it, enjoy!

  5. Dave Scherer says

    ARE YOU KIDDING? It hit 94 degrees yesterday in Orlando. All field work is now done by 11 AM. The afternoon is save for fishing with a coler of beers or the pool with margaritas. I don’t need snow!

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      That sounds like a great Friday, Dave. We’ve yet to come anywhere close to 94. It’s been mostly pleasant overall, but not that hot. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


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