Just because a “ninja” says it, doesn’t mean it’ll work for your business marketing plan

There are marketers out there who call themselves gurus, specialists, experts, and even ninjas. I don’t have a huge problem with titles like this for the most part, but my sense is that if you’re going to use a title, you better be what you’re claiming.

There are so many voices to listen to when it comes to marketing our businesses, so it’s important to sift through what the “gurus” are telling us. My sense is that good marketing is about being in touch with what is sincerely relevant for potential clients while also being true to your personal style of making a sale. There’s really little creativity in simply copying what others are doing, and the truth is that a winning formula for someone else may not be good for you anyway.    

Business is changing rapidly and technology (especially social media) is often challenging us to adapt our model for business and the way we connect with people. In this economy and internet-driven world, if we sit on the sidelines for too long and don’t adapt, we will no longer be relevant (just think of Blockbuster vs. Netflix vs. Red Box).

In short, be encouraged today to be yourself in business. Listen to what the marketing voices are saying, but do what makes sense for your clients and your personality. Take a small risk in coming days or weeks to get out there a bit more with your business.

By the way, what marketing voices or resources are you listening to?


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    I can really tell you have found your nich in marketing. I like what you do and how you do it. The appraisal profession has been the same way for so long, it is refreshing to see marketing approached from a different angle, keep up the good work.

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      Thanks Tom. That’s nice of you to say. In terms of business marketing, I feel that I have found my stride in some senses, but otherwise I am really excited to grow in coming months and years to connect in greater depth with clients in some of the niche markets I really love to work in (for appraisals). Take care. Keep up the great work in your neck of the woods too!!!


  1. […] Daily, more and more businesses are shifting their marketing online – online video, social media, etc.. Based on these figures above, if you as an appraiser are not using video in your marketing, then you’re not connecting with a significant market segment. This is the 2010 Theme of Real Estate Appraiser Tips: Becoming Your Local Markets Trust Agent! And, Ryan Lundquist just wrote about this new marketing on his blog @ Just because a “ninja” says it, doesn’t mean it’ll work for your business marketing plan! […]

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