“I’m leaving on a jet plane” for the All-America City Awards in Kansas City

I’m getting ready to head out to Kansas City in a couple of weeks for the All-America City Awards. The City of Rancho Cordova was selected as a finalist in the competition this year, and I am honored to be a part of the delegation to make the trek to Missouri. My role on the team will be to represent Project 680. I’m very excited to get to travel for a few days, be a team player for my city, and meet so many wonderful people.

Here is a synopsis of the All-America City Award competition from their website:

The National Civic League recognizes ten communities each year for outstanding civic accomplishments. To win, each community must demonstrate innovation, inclusiveness, civic engagement, and cross sector collaboration by describing successful efforts to address pressing local challenges.

I’ve never been to Missouri. What should I expect in KC? Is there anything I should definitely try to do while I’m there?


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    Congrats to your City on the nomination and Kudos to YOU for your involvement with Project 680. Best of luck and enjoy the trip. I’ve never been to KC, so I can’t advise on what to try.

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      Thanks Wendell. It’s an exciting thing for Rancho Cordova, and I’m really looking forward to heading out there. It should be fun and a nice break in life too. I’m a huge fan of breaks. 🙂

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    Congratulations! I am orginally from Missouri, but not Kansas City. My sister lives in that area though. Every region brags about their BBQ but Kansas really does have some good BBQ. You might want to try it. Have fun!

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      Tom, I’ve been hearing that. Thanks for the tip (and the congrats too). I sure wouldn’t mind sneaking in a Royals game while I’m there, though I doubt I’ll have the time to make it happen. I did check the schedule though and there is definitely a home game for me to see….


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