Big Points for Sacramento Central Farmers Market at 8th & W Street

If you have not been to the Sacramento Central Farmers Market, I highly recommend it. This weekly market takes place on Sundays between 8-12pm off of 8th and W Street near Downtown Sacramento. There are some really great deals for organic fruits, veggies and meat, especially if you go toward the end of the day. We came home with bags full of stuff yesterday for only $20.00. Other than the savings and fresh food, what I appreciate about this market is the location directly under Highway 50. Yes, it’s a bit noisy, but there is always shade, and I’m a huge fan of creative uses like this for locations that would normally not be traveled much at all. 

Does anyone shop here? What other markets do you recommend? 


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      I agree with you. The selection is far greater than other markets. We bought some organic beef for fajitas yesterday and I can’t wait to enjoy that. I was really impressed with the price of eggs too.


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