Dogs Gone Wild: a Marketing Sign in Sacramento

I had to run an errand in between typing reports today and I came across this gem near Bradshaw Road and Highway 50 in Sacramento. I took a double take and this definitely gave me a chuckle. What do you see when you first glance at the website? Do you think it might have been an advantage to have the “d” and “e” capitalized.

What marketing lessons can we learn here?


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    That is too funny. I was looking at it from a readability standpoint, thinking, “Yeah, if the D and the E were captialized, it would be so much easier to read the email address.” It took me a few minutes to see the potential alternate meaning.

    Thanks for the chuckle – and a good reminder to pay attention to what we put out there!

    Carolyn Higgins

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      Thanks Carolyn for the comment. It’s amazing to me how communication works, and that someone can pick up a completely unintended meaning (like I did) based on a presentation that probably just needed two capital letters. I wonder too why some people see certain words and others don’t. It’s fascinating.

      I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see “Dogs Expo” again without smiling.

      Take care.


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