Videos & Tweets during the All America City Awards in Kansas City: Follow me!!!

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be heading to Kansas City next week as a part of delegation from the city of Rancho Cordova for the All-America City Awards. I wanted to invite you to follow this exciting journey next Wednesday through Friday through videos, Facebook & Twitter. Technology is going to help us connect!!! It should be great fun. Watch the videos below or here and here.


I’ll be posting from Kansas City mainly from my Twitter account @SacAppraiser and I’ll be getting some videos up at (directly on my YouTube page at The official hash-tag on Twitter is #AllAmericaCity (note it is not “American”, but “America”). I’d love to hear from you during my stint in Kansas City. Your support will be a huge encouragement.

This is a real honor for me to represent Project 680 and my city. Go Rancho Cordova!!!!


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      Thanks Bryan. I appreciate it. I’m really looking forward to this trip. I can hardly wait for it to come. One fun thing on Twitter is to search the official All-America City hash-tag at #AllAmericaCity to see how conversation has been developing surrounding the awards competition. There are more and more people starting to tweet and I hope there will be an avalanche of tweets come next week. We shall see.


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