Do you have FHA condominium questions for the Sacramento area? An Update from HUD

Here is some helpful information on condominiums for FHA/HUD, whether you are in the Sacramento area or elsewhere. I wrote previously about FHA condo issues here. This is straight from HUD:

Effective on Monday, June 14, 2010, all condominium inquiries, telephone and email, must be submitted to the FHA Resource Center at: (800)225-5342 or by email at The FHA Resource Center will provide responses to general inquiries received from consumers and industry partners. Responses requiring technical knowledge will be escalated to the jurisdictional Homeownership Center for review and response.

Before contacting the FHA Resource Center, it is recommended that you use
the following resources to search for answer(s) to your question(s).

1. Check to see if your question is already included in the Condo FAQs currently posted on the web here (pdf).

2. To determine if a project is on the FHA Approved List or to obtain the FHA concentration please visit this web page and input the condominium project name or the Condo ID. It is recommended that only the first few letters be entered to return a complete list. If the project is not listed it will require FHA approval.

3. FHA provides the FHA Concentration percentage information on the Condo List Screen. If the percentage is not identified or incorrect, provide documentation to the jurisdictional Homeownership Center so that the system can be updated. This information would include the first two pages of the appraisal or a letter from the HOA providing the number of units in the project.

4. What is the process for obtaining project approval? For documentation and processing requirements, please refer to ML 2009-46B and ML 2009-46A, which can be found on this website (or directly as a PDF here and here).

Good luck everyone. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Make sure to read all the information from the above links. Keep me posted if there is ever anything I can do.


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